1. Free Website Offer:

1.1 By accepting our offer for a free website, you acknowledge and agree that Launch My Project has the right to choose who receives the free website.

1.2 The client is responsible for all website hosting costs and domain costs associated with their website.

  1. Marketing Products and Services:

2.1 Launch My Project offers marketing products and services to clients, regardless of whether they meet the conditions for a free website.

2.2 Launch My Project reserves the right to change and modify the conditions for the free website offer at any time, and by accepting an offer, the client agrees to these changes.

  1. Content Creation:

3.1 Unless otherwise agreed upon and payment is made, Launch My Project does not provide content or content creation services for websites.

  1. Hosting:

4.1 Launch My Project can provide hosting services for an annual fee of $100. If Launch My Project creates your website, you must use our in-house hosting services.

4.2 If you choose to host with Launch My Project, we will perform weekly backups of the database and include malware protection. Additionally, an active SSL certificate will be installed to encrypt all data.

  1. Refunds:

5.1 Launch My Project does not offer any refunds for its services or the free website program.

5.2 By agreeing to participate in the free website program, the client accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions outlined on this website and the terms and conditions of our marketing program. Remember, this is just a general template, and it is strongly recommended that you consult with a legal professional to ensure that these terms and conditions align with the specific needs and requirements of your business.